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The forest

The forest

Chapter 1
The Beginning

It was all David’s fault. We were just hanging out in a suspiciously dark alley. We were just doing questionable things. That’s when David screamed. Why did he scream? Oh ya, he saw Daniel’s face. That attracted the group of people walking along the other side of the street. They were gangster sized and looked armed. They turned end stared at us with such fury I cannot figure where it had come from. The last thing I remembered was Brook hiding underneath of a nearby dumpster and David screaming, “ Bloody Murder, What the hell take Greg he’ll keep longer”. He must of known something we had not.
I woke up in a room with three other people. Who they are I am not sure but all I know is that I am not alone. My hands feet, and mouth were all bound, so I wasn’t able to move in any way. I was scared out of my mind and to add to the situation I heard the noises of machinery and muffled screams. Where the hell was I? Only God knew, well maybe even didn’t even know.
The lights turned on some hours afterwards and I realized I was with everyone I knew in that ally, except one. Brook wasn’t here he must have escaped or never have been found. Either way he has got to help us. Brook is a nice fellow, a little on the scared side but that doesn’t matter too
Leave us here to rot. Also in the room was Daniel. Daniel now has a bit of a temper and is using bursts of energy to try to rip his way out of his bindings. He is also extremely fashion conscience and that is why we find him now in designer clothes. What they are I don’t know he is the fashion zombie not me.
The other occupants of this room are David and Stephen. David is a little on the edge. He is quite smart. He doesn’t have much people skills though. Stephen is a genius and on that doesn’t mind to show it. That leaves me, Greg. I am a typical person except for a few things. Also I am a science genius and that could help us later…. But not right now.
The door is now opening what the hell. IT is… It is...It is…I can’t even bring myself to say it. It is my social studies, teacher Mr. Kittle.
He must have a side passion of evil. How could I not realize that all the hints in class? Hat is not important now. The important thing was what kind of crap is he going to do to us. I don’t know I just pray I am not going to die. He could be a little harsh but death. We got to calm down.
When Mr. kittle finally started to address us it was in a low highly suspicious tone.

“ Well children you now know that I am not just a teacher. Pity actually I kind of liked you guys. Wait a second boys don’t you usually hang around with Brook ya that’s right…GUARDS, Please find the other accomplice of these children… And yes you still are children at least in my eyes. So I am guessing since you watch so many movies that you think I am going to reveal my master plan… HELL NO I am not an idiot so I guess you will just have to see for yourself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” He shortly falls into a fit of coughs “ Guards hurry up the plan, I need it now!!!”
That was the last time we heard Mr. Kittle before we found out what is plan was. It turns out that Mr. Kittle wanted to live forever. He was going to suck our life force right out of us. What kind of crap this was I didn’t no but is pretty messed up. He didn’t have the stomach to kill us so he was going to clone us and then send us into another dimension. We only had one last chance left… Brook. Well that wasn’t really a chance. I then drifted off to sleep.
I woke up the next morning in a gas chamber. I knew it was a gas chamber because I saw a purple gas coming into the chamber. I then saw all my friends besides, including Brook. How the hell did he get here well, it turns out that he had snuck in here to safe us but he just got captured too. He should have called the police, but he didn’t and that was going to cost us dearly.
I blacked out because of that purple gas… I woke and stared into the face of… Daniel Badger. Wow, that will wake you up. Daniel said:

“ Wake up, oh good you’re awake. We are in a different world. I know this because the sky is purple and there are two suns. Greg what kind of crap are we in now. Pretty deep crap that is what it was. Man, why did David scream it is all his fault… We need to find the others. They have to be somewhere around here. Lets go…”

that was the last time I saw Daniel when he was 14 because just then a giant Flying dog thing had just scooped him out of the sky. He was screaming as he was flying away from me and sadly there was nothing I could do to help.
I started to realize what had just happened and started to run away. I didn’t know where but it wasn’t here. I had to find cover from that flying dog. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen and I now knew I sure wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I was in way over my head and I had to find someone. I did.
It was someone I had not wanted to meet the locals. There were loco locals and I was scared out of my wits. I was captured by…them… and it was by force. The last thing I remember was being attacked by masked figures. Also being knocked on the head with an object, a white object just like a bone…

Chapter Two
The Locals

I woke up in a pit. I was in a pit about 29 feet deep. Next to me were Stephen and Brook. It turns out they were captured too. Brook looked badly injured, with two wounds in his left side. Stephen looked okay but where was David. Apparently, the other people did not know. I really hope that David was okay but there was no way I could tell whether he was or not. I tried to see the outside of the pit but I was unable because I was not 29 feet tall. That was the only problem.
I started to ask Stephen what had happened to he and Brook and this is what he said.

“ The first thing I remember was finding Brook on top of me in the middle of a grassy plain. I flipped him off of me. I then realized that the sky was purple and it had two suns… Same here I said…Stephen continued… We started walking towards the tree line because I had calculated that we had a 60% survival chance under cover than the 40% not in cover. I took us about five minutes to reach the trees. The second we walked into the trees Brook was nailed in the side with do arrows. I threw him behind a rock in the grass only a step away from the tree line. That was sufficient enough cover for that moment but the locals did eventually capture us I really did not know whether I was going to survive or die when the threw us in this pit. When I was behind the rock I found this. It was a piece of an orange shirt… I doesn’t matter I said… Stephen said… so what happened to you…

I told Stephen and Brook what had happened to Daniel and I…
For the next few hours we sat in the Pit listening to Brook’s moans of pain. We then realized we had to take the arrowheads out… I was nominated to do it… It had to stick my figures into his wound and than… It was too gruesome to describe. I did get them out but no until screams of pain and misery. Someone had to do it so I had. Hopefully in the long run he would be better because of what I did but who knows. A few minutes later a rope was thrown down into the pit and David’s head peeked over…
I hoisted brook up to the rope because it was a few feet short and then David pulled him up to the surface. Than it was Stephen’s turn. HE went up quickly because now two people were pulling. I went up next. When I got up there it was amazingly beautiful. Dusk was just falling and I could see a village in the distance.
We started to sneak away, I than noticed that David looked different…almost primal.

End Chapter Two

Chapter 3 The School

That night was the most exciting and most dangerous night of my life. We sprinted through the forest. I had no idea where we were going. Apparently David did because he was leading somewhere. Later that night I found myself in an abandoned building. It was quite large and definitely big enough to live in. I looked to see if I could find out what the building was. I sat down in an old chair and looked underneath of it and it read…
“ Property of Wilmington Friends School”
I quickly gathered everyone together to tell them my finding and my suspicions about what was really going on.

“ Everyone we are in our old school Wilmington Friends. I know this because on the inside of this chair it says
Property of Wilmington Friends School. II think that Mr. Kittle sent us into an alternate dimension. I can’t be sure but this is proof enough for me. We can’t get back until we build those gas machines. Who knows how long it will take. I certainly have no idea how long but we should get to work.”

We worked incessantly on making friends into our new home. Most days were relatively easy going because the freezer had somehow kept everything cold so we had food. This was all true until that faithful day when we found our friend Daniel…

End Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Daniel
Hundreds of nights later we heard a knocking sound on the North Gym backdoor of the school. We went down as a group and were armed with metal pipes and toilet seats mutilated into a crude boomerang.
We opened our door to find a boy in rags. He was covered in wounds and scars. We found out later that that was our friend Daniel. HE had survived the dog.
We welcomed him with open arms. We treated his wounds with care and gave him medicine from the infirmary in the school (the nurse). HE eventually healed from the wounds that he received from the dog or whatever horrible things that had been bestowed upon him. This is what Daniel said had happened to him.

“ After I was carried away by the giant flying dog, it dropped me somewhere over a river. I swam to shore. I was exhausted. I laid down on that riverbed for a long time. I was just wondering why me. Why did I have to be captured by a giant flying dog? I slowly walked up into the forest where I was ambushed by a large amount of locals, as you call them. They tortured me trying to find out who I was, how I got here, and are you with anyone. I tried to hold out as long as could but is was challenging. I only really told them I was Daniel Badger, and that I knew Mr. Kittle. I only told them I knew Mr. Kittle a couple of days ago. After I said that they threw me out into the forest. I wandered throughout the forest and I found out we are in an island and then I found this school and you.”
We than told Daniel our story… HE reacted as if it was no where near as bad has his story which was probably true. Daniel also showed us a beautifully carved bone knife that he had stolen from the locals.
David suggested we should explore the forest. We agreed that we had to explore the island some more. First we have prepare for the trip these are the materials that we chose.
-All food left
-Clothes from the lost in found
-miscellaneous tools from the workman’s closet

End Chapter 4
Chapter 5 The realization.

We waited until dark to set out. It may be more difficult to travel at night in the forest put it will be safer under the cover of dark. We opened the gym door and traveled into the untamed forest. It was pitch black and you could not even see the your hands right in front of your face.
I was scared. The only contact I had with the others was a long rope tied to each of our waists. I was being pulled once again by David. I swear he is a different person. He seemed to know his way around quite well. Almost unbelievably well. Holy God…the orange shirt tail… David wears an orange shirt… He was missing when we knew where everyone else was…He somehow got past thousands of locals… This was a trap… by David… He said lets explore… Oh Crap… I screamed.
“ David shot Brook, and he is a Betrayer…” That’s when he struck. I square punch right into the side of my head. I fell to the ground disoriented. I was okay but for how long. That’s when I was dragged into the forest farther and farther away from my friends. It was done by some unknown force. I hop…That’s when I was hit on the head….

Chapter 5 Part 2

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Sessions 3

Deoxyribonucleic Acid...

Thats why I'm sexy

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